Thursday, 21 July 2011

Golden Hours: Hymns and Songs of the Christian Life ~ Elizabeth Prentiss

Trials, sorrow, death, hurt and hard times are what seemed to fill Elizabeth Prentiss life.  Yet, rather then become bitter and hard she let God mold and shape her into such a wonderful, Godly, inspiring woman.  She is one of my heroes and a dear friend.  Only one touched by such grief and shown such grace and mercy can pen such wonderful encouraging words as she has. This little book is the door to her heart through poems and hymns. But not just to her heart, as you read you begin to realize, she knows what you've been going through, too. Many tears were shed as I read this, many prayers and many quiet, thoughtful moments. Really, find this book! You will not fail to be encouraged spiritually from it! It has become a new favorite of mine.

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