Thursday, 21 July 2011

Beauty ~ Robin McKinley

An enchanted castle, a beast, a rose and a young girl; forced to choose between her family and living with a beast, Beauty chooses the beast.  But why the forced decision?  Why the need to have her there, locked in a dark castle that is filled with unseen people and things? Why her?

Beauty, as you may have guessed, is a retelling of the well known tale "Beauty and the Beast".  I received this book as a gift and am so thankful I did! I'd never heard of McKinley and I'm sad I hadn't! I was drawn into her writing almost instantly.  She writes very well and I love her almost-old-English style of writing! The way she describes things is simply wonderful! A little different spin on the story than what Disney had us all believing in the movie, but I wouldn't change it! I liked it much better than the cartoon movie I grew up with.  Find it, read it, love it! Who says fairy tales are only for children?

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