Saturday, 19 February 2011

Wind in The Willows ~ Kenneth Grahame

We are first introduced to Mole. A sweet, kind, caring animal who has started his spring cleaning.  Feeling an itch to know what's above and outside of his home he digs up, up and up until he reaches the surface. We then are introduced to Rat, another kindred spirit who befriends Mole. After a while we learn of Mr. Badger and Toad.  Many adventures are recorded about Mole and Ratty. Such wonderful friends.  But as the story continues we learn of Toad. What a careless, reckless and thoughtless animal he is. He gets himself into a heap of trouble far away from his dear Toad Hall. Will he find his way home again? Is there any hope for such a wayward Toad? And the big climax at the end has you wondering if four such friends can save a house from hundreds of pesky weasels.

This book took me a little while to get through.  It doesn't, necessarily, grab your attention and carry it all the way through. It's a delightful read and an enjoyable relaxing book.  It was a bit rough in spots.  Grahame can get a little carried away with descriptions and such and it is written in an older English style.  But enjoyable and fun, just the same.

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