Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Christy ~ Catherine Marshall

Christy, a young, ambitious, passionate girl, is sitting at a meeting where a missionary is describing a new school he has opened and is calling for a volunteer teacher.  The speech grabs Christy and she jumps at the opportunity.  Everything happens so fast and before she knows it she's on a train headed to the Cutter Gap missionary school.
But when she arrives things are much more primitive then she ever expected and she questions her choice.
Is she cut out to be here, in the wilderness mountains?  Can she really teach these children?  Can she survive without the comforts of the home she knew?
As she begins to settle in she comes in contact with two very different men.  One makes her angry and feel like a child ... yet something interesting about him draws her.  One she falls in love with ... or so she thinks so.
Can she stay and teach?  Can she love this man?  Will she turn and run?

This book was very well written.  Marshall is a very good writer and I loved how she describes things!  Yet, this book didn't "grab" me until about half way through.  It was fun to read, but there wasn't anything that really made me feel like "I just have to find out what happens" until, as I've mentioned, about halfway through.  But maybe it was just me.  Although after I got to that point where I "just had to know" it was very interesting and attention grabbing. And, just from my point of view, it ended just like I wanted. :)
There were times in the book where I felt like each chapter was just a different story about the same people.  Sometimes she referred back to things she talked about in the earlier chapters, but not often, until, again, about halfway through.
I do recommend this book.  Be wary though, there are some parts that could have been left out.  They are not terrible, but questionable.


Melanie said...

I really enjoyed "Christy"! (except the couple parts that, like you said, could have been left out) Several parts were very encouraging and challenging to me! It could have used an extra chapter at the end though. :-)

Ana said...

Although it ended the way I wanted it to, I wanted more at the end of the story as well. ;)