Friday, 10 July 2009

Old Yeller ~ Fred Gipson

Who doesn't love a story about a boy and his dog? I'd seen a movie based on this book many times, it was a favorite movie, so I was very excited to actually read the book. Needless to say, I loved it!

Living in the Texas Hill Country, Travis, 14, is put in charge of his little brother, mother and family farm as his father goes off on a cattle drive. Shortly after his father leaves an old "yeller" dog comes to the farm. Travis wants nothing to do with the dog at first and wants to run him off the farm, but after Yeller saves the lives of Travis' family, Travis decides he's alright after all and grows to love the dog deeply. Many things happen in the father's absence such as bull fights, wolves, skunks, wild hogs and stubborn mules. Of course there's always the fields that need looking after, the harvest brought in, and the hunting to supply the meat. Without warning hydrophbia (rabies) starts to spread in the area around the farm. Animals die and the family is forced to deal with watching the animals die and then taking care of the corpses. After a wolf with hydrophiba tries to attack the family Travis is faced with a heart-rending decision that had me in tears.

The book is told through the eyes of Travis, but even though it's written from a boy's point of view there is no doubt that any girl would greatly enjoy it, too. I did. :)

I read this book aloud to a couple of younger children and they were always begging for more at the end of each chapter and I was right there with them, it was so captivating and exciting. We finished the book in less than two days. I highly recommend this book for anyone, not just the children. *wink*


Rosebud said...

Thanks for starting this blog! :) It will be nice to read all the reviews as you add them.

Nikki said...

Fantastic blog!!! And review! ;-) Now I just gotta keep up and write one up myself. ☺

Rosebud said...

I've never read (or seen) this one either, but it sounds like...what do you say, a tear-jerker? The ones with boys and animals in the wilderness always are. I remember crying my eyes out over "Where the Red Fern Grows" and "The Yearling" when I was little.

Anderson family said...

Cool! I watched the movie A LONG time ago, so I don't remember anything!:P Thanks for the book review, seems like it's a really neat story!!

I like the blog!!:D


Cloe said...

I really like this book, and the movie.